Who we are

BrainQR is a cutting-edge approach revolves around neuro-regeneration as its core principle of healing and recovery


Unlocking the power of neuro-regeneration

BrainQR focuses on understanding the unique journey of each person with post-concussion. We believe that the brain has a remarkable ability to adapt and heal. We combine advanced therapeutic techniques and a personalized approach to care to maximize the brain's natural capacity to recover.

Our multidisciplinary team, which includes neurologists, physical therapy specialists, and cognitive rehab specialists, works together to create a holistic treatment program. This comprehensive approach addresses not only physical symptoms, but also cognitive and emotional issues associated with PCS.

Why choose BrainQR?


Specialized Knowledge

We have a team of professionals who are experts in post-concussion treatment. You will receive the best possible care


Advanced technology

BrainQR uses cutting-edge advances in neurology and rehab to improve the recovery process


Compassionate care

We provide a compassionate and supportive environment to ensure that you are heard and cared about throughout your journey

Reclaim your life

Recovery from post-concussion is an individualized and unique process. BrainQR is dedicated to providing you with the resources and tools needed to take back control of your own life. Our tailored programs can help you improve your cognitive function, relieve persistent headaches or improve overall health


Take the first step towards recovery

Join BrainQR on your recovery journey. Our team of professionals is here to help you create a plan that unlocks the potential for growth and healing. Your journey to wellness begins here. Reclaim your life and overcome the challenges that come with post-concussion symptoms.


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