What is the patient's response to training?

As part of our commitment to personalized care, regularly monitoring and adapting biofeedback programs based on patient response is integral to optimizing outcomes and creating a tailored recovery path.


Response to MuscleQR


Response to MuscleQR EMG biofeedback training may depend upon individual factors like severity of post-concussion symptoms, overall health status and commitment to training program. In general, post-concussion syndrome patients usually benefit from EMG biofeedback training with numerous positive results that promote overall well-being

Here are a few potential responses

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    Muscle Tension Awareness

    MuscleQR EMG biofeedback training enables individuals to gain real-time awareness of their muscle tension levels, with patients often developing an enhanced awareness of how stress and tension manifest themselves physically in areas affected by post-concussion symptoms.

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    Self-Regulation Skills:

    Through guided sessions, patients develop techniques for actively controlling muscle tension. With this newfound ability at their disposal, individuals are now able to deliberately relax specific muscle groups thereby relieving physical discomfort associated with post-concussion symptoms.

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    Its Enhance Mind-Body Connection:

    MuscleQR EMG biofeedback helps patients develop an in-depth knowledge of how mental and physical states intersect, creating greater body awareness. Patients typically report feeling better equipped to handle any post-concussion challenges that might present physically.


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