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We embark on an innovative journey to unlock your brain's potential using neurofeedback. Neurofeedback, a cutting edge technique, allows individuals to improve their brain function and cognitive performance while achieving a greater sense of well-being. We at BrainQR are dedicated to helping you unlock your brain's potential by harnessing the power neurofeedback.

Understanding Neurofeedback Neurofeedback is a drug-free, non-invasive technique that allows individuals to learn to regulate brain activity. Neurofeedback provides real-time feedback to individuals on their brainwave patterns. This allows them to monitor and change brain activity.

Neurofeedback includes the following components

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    Monitoring of the electroencephalogram (EEG).

    During a session of neurofeedback, electrodes on the scalp are used to detect and record brainwave activities.

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    Neurofeedback training protocols.

    Specific neurofeedback training protocols are designed based on the individual goals and assessment results to target and regulate specific brainwave patterns that can lead to desired outcomes such as increased focus, reduced anxiety or improved sleep quality.

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    Feedback tailored to the individual

    Individuals can learn to modulate brain activity by receiving real-time feedback. This feedback is often presented in visual or audio cues.


BrainQR’s Neurofeedback Experience


We are pioneers in neurofeedback and offer cutting-edge technology to unlock the brain’s potential. Our approach to Neurofeedback is defined by:

  • Comprehensive assessments: We start with a comprehensive assessment of the brain function and cognitive abilities of each person, as well as their specific areas of concern, to customize neurofeedback protocols that are tailored to their individual needs and goals.
  • Treatment plans tailored to your needs: Our team of experienced clinicians works together to create personalized neurofeedback protocols that address specific cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges. These protocols promote lasting improvements in brain functions and well-being.
  • Support and monitoring on a continuous basis: We provide feedback and adjust the training to achieve optimal results and progress. Our goal is empower individuals to control their brain health, and to achieve sustainable improvements in quality of life.

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