What is EMG biofeedback?

Harnessing MuscleQR EMG biofeedback for Personalized Home Post-Concussion Treatment


A Transformative Experience With MuscleQR EMG Biofeedback

MuscleQR EMG is Electromyography. In the context of concussion treatment, EMG biofeedback is an non-invasive technique which measures and monitors muscular activity. This technology allows individuals to gain an understanding of their muscular responses and fosters awareness and control. 
We committed to empowering individuals by enabling them to actively participate in the recovery process. MuscleQR EMG biofeedback is not only a valuable tool for gaining insights, but it also helps to alleviate the symptoms of post-concussion. This improves quality of life.

We believe that personalized care can have a transformative effect. MuscleQR EMG Biofeedback is more than just a treatment. It's also a way to regain control of your health. MuscleQR EMG Biofeedback is a convenient and precise way to reshape your journey after a concussion.
MuscleQR EMG biofeedback (or Electromyographic Biofeedback) is a therapy that uses electromyography as a way to measure muscle activity and give feedback. Electromyography is the process of detecting and recording the electrical activity produced by muscles when they contract and relax. 

How EMG biofeedback works

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    Placement of electrodes

    Small, thin electrodes are placed on the skin above the muscle that is being studied. These electrodes detect the electrical signals generated by muscle fibers

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    Signal detection

    An electromyograph detects electrical activity and amplifies it, converting the signal into an auditory or visual signal.

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    The feedback will be presented in an easy-to-understand format. It could take the form of a sound or light display, a graph.

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    Voluntary control

    With the real-time data, people can learn how to voluntarily manipulate and control their muscle activity. They might, for example, work to relax tense muscle or strengthen weaker muscles.

EMG biofeedback can be used in a variety of ways

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    Muscle Rehabilitation

    This is often used in physical therapy to improve muscle function after an injury or surgery

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    Management of Chronic Pain

    This tool can help individuals manage chronic pain by teaching them to relax their muscles and reduce tension

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    Stress Reduction and Anxiety Reduction

    EMG Biofeedback is used by individuals to reduce stress and promote relaxation through teaching them to control muscle tension that is associated with stress responses

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    Performance Enhancement

    Athletes can use EMG biofeedback for muscle function optimization and performance improvement


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