Possible CPT Codes:

Possible Codes
S06.0X0A Concussion without loss of consciousness
S06.0X1A Concusion with loss of consciousness of 30 minutes or less
S06.0X9A Concussion with loss of consciousness of unspecified duration
F07.81 Postconcussional syndrome
F43.0 Acute reaction to stress
G31.84 Mild cognitive impairment (Word Finding Difficulty)
G44.321 Chronic post-traumatic headache, intractable
G47.9 Sleep disorder
H53.149 Visual discomfort, unspecified (sensitivity to light)
R93.299 Abnormal auditory perceptions, unspecified ear (sensitivity to noise)
R20.1 Hypoesthesia of skin (numbness)
R20.2 Paresthesia of skin (tingling)
R41.3 Difficulty remembering
R41.82 Altered mental status, mental fog
R41.840 Attention and concentration deficit
R41.841 Cognitive communication deficit
R45.0 Nervousness
R45.4 Irritability and anger
R53.83 Fatigue

Most of the following codes are for various therapies.
One unit is usually 15 minutes.
The 908 codes are for 30-60 minutes.

97169 Athletic Training Evaluation
97110 Therapeutic Exercises
97112 Neuromuscular Re-education
97116 Gait Training 97140 Manutal Therapy 1 or more regions
97129 Cognitive Function Interventions (initial)
97130 Cognitive Function Interventions (additional)
97530 Therapeutic Activites
97535 Self- Care Home Management Training
92065 Visual Perception Training
97533 Sensory Integrative Techniques
92060 Visual Exercises
97165 Occupation Therapy Evaluation
90791 Diapnostic Interview
90832 Individual Psychotherapy 30 min
90834 Individual Psychotherapy 45 min 9
0853 Group Psychotherapy