How does EMG biofeedback work?

We offers a breakthrough solution to post-concussion syndrome, where its effects extend far beyond cognitive effects: MuscleQR EMG Biofeedback. Our comprehensive care model integrates this cutting-edge technology, giving individuals a means of taking control over their physical well-being despite recovery's challenges.


How Muscle EMG Biofeedback Works

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    Measuring Muscle Activity

    Electromyography (EMG), also referred to as Electromyography Biofeedback is an assessment technique which measures electrical activity within muscles. When dealing with post-concussion syndrome symptoms such as muscle tension or headaches that manifest after concussion injury, EMG Biofeedback becomes a valuable aid.
    Small sensors are strategically positioned over specific muscle groups - usually those around the forehead or neck - in order to detect and amplify electrical signals produced during muscle contractions.

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    Real-Time Feedback

    Once muscle activity has been detected, its detection can be translated to real-time feedback - often presented via visual or auditory cues - that gives individuals awareness of any muscle tension levels which might contribute to post-concussion symptoms and thus may contribute to physical discomfort. This immediate loop allows individuals to gain awareness of any levels contributing to post-concussion discomfort that might otherwise go undetected.
    Individuals can gain more control of their body by understanding and visualizing how muscles function and consciously relaxing these areas - this provides greater sense of control over physical responses. 3. Targeted Muscle Training:

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    Targeted Muscle Training

    BrainQR's Callibri EMG Biofeedback program goes far beyond awareness; it also offers targeted muscle training. Exercise plans are tailored specifically for each user based on his/her individual needs to target those muscle groups which contribute most directly to post-concussion symptoms.
    Individuals learn through guided sessions how to modulate muscle activity, leading to relaxation and lessening post-concussion recovery strain. Utilise MuscleQR EMG Biofeedback: Give Your Physical Recovery the Edge

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