Heart rate variability

At BrainQR, Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback fosters autonomic balance and well-being through guided exercises and visualizations


Discover the transformative power of HRV biofeedback

BrainQR recognizes that the post-concussion symptoms go beyond the cognitive and physical limitations, to affect the rhythm of the entire body. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback is a revolutionary approach that seamlessly integrates into our comprehensive treatment model. This innovative technology allows individuals to regulate the autonomic nervous systems, which fosters resilience and balance in the complex post-concussion rehabilitation process. Empower your recovery with HRV biofeedback.

HRV is a natural variation between heartbeats that reflects the adaptability and balance in the autonomic nervous systems. MuscleQR HRV Biofeedback is a powerful tool in the context of post concussion syndrome where autonomic dysfunction is common. Our MuscleQR HRV Biofeedback Program involves monitoring the variability of heartbeats and providing feedback in real time. By using guided exercises and visualizations, people can modulate their heart rates variability. This promotes autonomic balance, and enhances overall well-being.

Features of HRV biofeedback

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    Autonomic Regulating

    MuscleQR HRV Biofeedback is a technique that focuses on improving the adaptability and flexibility of the autonomic nervous systems, which are crucial in managing stress, anxiety and other symptoms related to post-concussion.

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    Individualized Training Plans

    Every individual has a unique response to challenges following a concussion. We customizes HRV biofeedback exercises to meet individual needs. This personalized approach is effective in autonomic regulation.

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    Comprehensive care

    MuscleQR Biofeedback HRV is seamlessly integrated in our holistic treatment model. It complements other therapeutic techniques that address the varied symptoms of post-concussion recover.


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    Recovery with MuscleQR

    BrainQR is where innovation meets personalized health care. Discover the transformative power of HRV biofeedback, your path to a harmonious life after a concussion.


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