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BrainQR specializes in personalized concussion care, leveraging advanced therapeutic techniques to maximize the brain's natural capacity for recovery.

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Post Concussion Syndrome occurs when symptoms of concussion persist for several months or even years after the initial brain injury or concussion. Most doctors are unable to effectively treat PCS because of its complexity. Patients often lose hope after years of "trial-and-error" and fail to make significant progress.

The brain controls the body so symptoms can easily be attributed to other causes than a concussion (mTBI) or mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Our patients reported that their doctors treated everything but the brain, which is the cause of their symptoms. A comprehensive approach is necessary for effective diagnosis and treatment.

Symptoms of PCS

PCS affects all aspects of life. We categorize symptoms into four categories: : physical, cognitive, sleep, and emotional.


Emotional Symptoms

  • Depression and anxiety, which may be mistakenly attributed to other mental condition.
  • Influence emotional well-being and overall quality of life

Physical Symptoms

  • Headaches, changes in vision, and sensitivity to light or sound
  • These symptoms may indicate physical discomfort and can interfere with regular activities

Sleep Symptoms

  • Insomnia, sleeping too little or too much, and difficulty falling asleep
  • Impact the quality and regularity of sleep, affecting overall well-being

Cognitive Symptoms

  • Memory problems, “brain fog,” and difficulty finding the right words
  • Affect the ability to concentrate and perform cognitive tasks

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